Globe Run for Home, 19 July 2009

This fun run is my very first race… I was full of excitement. I can still vividly remember it to this day. Just like in most of my first time activities, I was anxious. I was not able to sleep well the night before because of sheer excitement. i took pictures of my attire 🙂 this explains my gravatar.


the race number!

  I was at the race venue earlier than usual hehehe ( i told you, i was really excited!)


behind me is the starting shoot...

This photo was taken before we entered the shoot. me

It was a happy happy event… The place was full of energy!

starting line...

can you see me?

I can’t remember if the race started on time. The only concern that I had during that time is for me to finish the race without walking. Since there were so many runners and I was a beginner, I stayed in the middle of the pack. I had a smooth start but I had a hard time negotiating the gradual ascent going to the area of Essensa condominum, it was more difficult going back. I had the urge to actually walk but I held to my promise of not walking (lots of attitude!)


i was so surprise to see this photo at photovendo!

To make a long story short, and as per official result from globe run for home website, I finished the race in 32 minutes and 40 seconds and i was in 87th place! Awesome, right?

the route

the route

By the way, I did not collapse 🙂 If my memory serves me right and that of my classmates, I have the tendency to collapse every after road run! I don’t know why but even if I am already well-rested I would collapse. It has always been a joke among my classmates at OCS, some even sarcastically tell me that I don’t have the attitude and that I was always malingering. Malingering my foot! Why is it then that I never failed any of my PFT?

i did it!

nice nice feeling after the race...

I was still full of energy after the race. I was so proud of myself… We saw several celebrities. Cliff actually asked one to have her photo taken with us hehehe

She was very gracious! 


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