The Eco Dash

eco dash

We joined this race because one of it’s beneficiaries, the Children’s Hour Philippines is one of our benevolent donors.

My race number…

It was already drizzling when we left the office… We decided that we will all wear black since our registration fee didn’t include a singlet. The race was a first for my officemates. It became a mini happy hour for all of us 🙂

members of team afpebso
we love the camera hehehe
I love that pose, Elay!

The race was fun albeit the rain… I ran with the girls in the beginning but I had to increase my pace and leave them after a few minutes because my knees can’t endure the sluggish pacing (no offense meant, folks!). The cool weather and the drizzle were a welcome treat. I felt lucky. I am sure it will help in my goal of finishing the race in thirty minutes.

Yehey! we are all finishers…

I arrived at the finish line after a little over thirty minutes… Not bad 🙂 All of us finished the race with glee! The Boss was happy and he promised that we will do it again. Awesome!



 We had fun watching the 21K runners while we were waiting for our breakfast at Jollibee. They were all very strong! I wish I have their endurance… I wish!

And the official result is…


And the rest is history 🙂


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