Can anybody help me?

Three days into the blogging scene and I am hooked 🙂  I have been trying very hard to link it to other pages (ambitious gal!)  but I just don’t know how to do it hehehe (ignoramus!) I hope someone who have the heart to help a little bit lost newbie runner extend help because I am hoping against hope that somebody will really visit my site (sigh!)

I also started training with Coach Salazar of The Team Baldrunner at Ultra last November 11 (this deserves another post!)

I had the time of my life yesterday, November 13, apart from doing another nice workout, I finally saw The Baldrunner (yehey!) after SOCOM days it was really nice to see him again.

I was also able to chat with  other runners at (they kept me laughing!)

Today, I am also making my wish list 🙂 these are the stuff that I wish to have before the year ends. I might forego buying an SLR camera and buy a Garmin instead. I thought running is an inexpensive sport (harharhar) I almost fainted yesterday when I bought my first pair of wrightsock. My running costumes (talagang dapat costume!) are also making a dent in my already depleted wallet 🙂 But its all worth it… I am into this now and I am bent on making it a part of my life.

I am also loving the thought of meeting other runners… It is always nice to meet new people. The new perspective that running is bringing to my not so complicated existence looks promising.

Who knows, I might just consider running a full marathon next year…


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