the first 10K…

        I registered for the Timex run sometime on the last week of October. I actually registered 10k without thinking! I just felt it’s about time I moved on after that very dismal finish in the 5K of the Adidas KOTR. I say dismal because my official time that was published is forty-one minutes. I was in denial after that. How could that happen when in fact there were only 6 female runners ahead of me and if I am not mistaken my unofficial time was 28:10. I had a good run and I really felt I was stronger and faster after Eco Dash. The several complaints that I read in forums didn’t appease me. I actually can’t get over it until I decided to sign-up for TIMEX.

the forty one minutes race number...

        I had two weeks to prepare and I thought it would be enough. I had been running around Camp like crazy after the KOTR so I was confident that I can make it. The trip to Baguio on the first weekend of November was a welcome treat, although it was purely work, I was able to squeeze a morning run at Burnham Park.

        It was a crazy week at the Office before TIMEX. The good thing is I was able to sign-up on the speed training of the Team Baldrunner under Coach Titus.

With Sir Jovie

with Sir Jovie, Coach Titus and the other Team BR runners

Glad to meet new friends...

Fast forward to Saturday November 14 – I prepared my costume as if I am joining a beauty contest (ngek!) I also decided that my hair should be kept in place by a red rubber bond and a red headband (never mind if I will look like a Christmas décor!).

Now I can blend with the christmas tree!

        They say carbo loading is good before a race so I did just that. Argo and some of the good peeps over at also gave me some tips. I wasn’t able to buy chocomucho so I decided to just bring a couple of choclairs.

        I wasn’t able to sleep well even if I went to bed quite early due to excitement… I am the only one who signed up for the 10K in my office; all of them will run 5K including the head of the Mafia. In short I will not have a support system and nobody will take my picture (no proper documentation for you now). I just hope Photovendo will be at bay to document my feat 🙂

The girls!

        I woke up at 4am on race day. While waiting for my companions I did some warm-up around the compound. This is the very first thing that I learned in speed training. Do your warm-up first before stretching. I have been doing the opposite since I joined the noble profession of arms. At least now I know.

        We left the compound at 0500; I am a bit frantic because my race time is 0530. I don’t want to be late. We arrived at the NBC tent at around 0530. I panicked when I saw runners passing by thinking that they were already the 10k runners. I hurriedly get off the vehicle and sprinted to the starting line only to find out that it was the 21K runners that I saw. Foolish me!

        The festive mood is very palpable… I saw celebrities but not Piolo. I guess he was somewhere but not in my line of vision 🙂 never mind… I am not really a fan anyway.

        I did some stretching oblivious of the runners around me. It was announced that we will be released at exactly 0535H so I still have time to plot my strategy (as if!) my objective is to finish in an hour and whatever happens I am not going to walk. I was kind of meditating (huh!) when I heard the countdown then it was Bang! Off I went… I still don’t have that techie gadget that tells you how fast you are going so I just tried to go by my own pace. Not so fast but not so slow either. The fast runners are in front so I was not threatened that I will be stepped upon. It was somewhere in Rizal Drive, I guess near Basilio’s restaurant when the Kenyan runner came into view. Wow! He was fast; a couple of minutes later the second runner who is wearing a green Team Bald runner singlet followed. I later learned that it was Alquin Bolivar (Congrats, Alquin!)

        It was an easy run for me… I am not pressured and I still had time to observe the runners around me. I am not going to post my observations here but suffice to say that some merited a really good chuckle from this wicked gal hehehe I negotiated the flyover with ease, I was just psyching myself that I am running at Daza Park. It was when I was on top of the flyover that I saw this group of good looking guys; I was really tempted to look back and stare 🙂 but I just had to pass the opportunity. I had a race you know (imagine me saying the “you know” part ala Pacman) it was also in that same area when the 21K runners started coming into view. I took my first water break in the water station after the flyover. This is also another first for me since I never take water in my previous races, I only drink every after a road run.

         I am still fairly observant at this point in time; it was before I reached Paseo de Roxas when I saw Running Diva. I said hello to her and she responded. That was nice… I saw Argo too but I was to shy to say hello.    

        I am still fairly strong when I reached the turn around. I knew I will finish this race with a decent time.

        I almost stop on my way back to Paseo de Roxas to confront a taxi driver who was very arrogant. I really gave him a dirty look (maldita mode) Motorists on that part were honking their horns as if it’s New Year.

        The flyover on my way back is another story… I suddenly had difficulty and my knees are just about to give up but I held my ground. I talked to myself, I prayed, and thought of the things that I am going to write in my blog. It was also during this time when I remembered to eat one of my choclairs. Then I sang to myself until I reached the foot of the flyover.

        I regained some of my strength when I took my last water intake somewhere near Mcdonalds. I am now more excited to finish the race because I can already hear the sound system. I am now imagining my finish line look.

        I slowly increased my pace when I reached the vicinity of the NBC tent. I am also slowly passing several runners and it felt nice. I sprinted upon reaching the Toyota showroom. I gave it my all until I reached the finish line. I raised my hands like a champion when I did!

        I didn’t have anyone to take my picture but I was happy. I was so proud of myself. I still can’t believe I just finished 10K in 1:05:03 my classmates will surely laugh I am pretty sure of that. The ever collapsing Gangski is now a certified 10k finisher.

        And the official time is…

This is awesome!

         My suppose to be cheerring squad hehehe They are properly documented!

Nice picture!

 Last but not the least…

My breakfast!


7 comments on “the first 10K…

  1. hi tere!

    nice post and nice pics (can i grab?) this is my first and only pic with the team br…got to have my cam handy

    see you around! & btw, thanks for pacing with me last sunday…at the 4th to 5th k. was looking at my garmin & we were at 5.3-5.4 that time…then when i heard you shout Go Tin! at 8th k, got myself back to pace (was then at the point of slowing down and getting bored). I heard you hit sub 60. Congrats!

    • sure, tin you can grab! thanks too… i was actually planning to pace you till the 10th but i suddenly felt stomach pain going to the 6th that is why i slowed down. yeah! sub 60 i didn’t realize i was fast on the last 2km. i also saw aya and mark after the run. congrats too on your 15K!

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