A whole new world…

        The past week was very memorable for this newbie, who in the beginning only wanted to get serious with her physical well-being.

         She never aimed to create a site or to blog for that matter. She was just trying to document the running by keeping the race bib’s and some knick knacks afterward. The original intention was to make a scrapbook out of it.

        She also didn’t aim to join a running clinic… being a soldier means passing the PFT. It doesn’t need serious training to pass such requirement. Lots of attitude will actually do.

         On the outset, she never thought that there will be a whole new world in store for her when on a whim she decided to attend a speed training. It was also during that fateful day when she accidentally stumbled upon the shout box of takbo.ph, a site she frequently visits for updates and other topics related to running.

         Little did she know that the shout box, popularly known as SB to its frequent users will lead her to astonishing discoveries…

         She had a grand time the first time she was at SB. The people there kept her laughing. She took note of the screen names and wrote nick names across each one. She couldn’t get enough so she made it a point to visit SB every chance she gets.

         A couple of days later, she met more of them virtually. What a happy group of people?! It’s as if you’ve known them all your life…  

         Finally, on 18 November 2009, the faces behind the screen names came into view,and the newbie had her first class picture at the Army pool…

the faces behind the screen names 🙂

        Thank you so much Takbo.ph for welcoming me into your ever growing family. Looking forward to more runs and fun times with all of you!



10 comments on “A whole new world…

  1. Hey Tere! We are very happy to see you becoming one of our shoutbox regulars, and it’s awesome that you finally got to meet some of the gang in person. Hope to meet you as well one of these days 😛

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