Let it Shine…

I did a back to back race this weekend. I registered for the race and shine fun run due to its noble intention. I know it is a bit risky on my part since I have been running non-stop for the past week and that I also registered 10k for Botak. Me and some of my office mates decided to register because we believed in its objective and i just had to do it due to a very personal reason. 

before the race...

We arrived at the race venue at around 0545 and I was surprised to see that there were only a bunch of people in the starting line. I had a feeling that very few registered. This could be attributed to the fact that there were two races scheduled for the next day. It was disheartening… I just thought races such as this should be widely supported. 

aj, me, and RD

I saw RD before the start of the race… I introduced myself and asked for a photo-op. I learned that she’ll be running 15k. It was nice to finally meet her. 

me, RD, and febs

The route was fairly simple; there was really no pressure since I only did 5k.  My regret was I forgot to take note of my time. i guess it was sub 30… I hope they will publish the result. It would be a good redemption for the official result that the KOTR published. I still can’t get over the fact that my official time in that race was 41 minutes.

I enjoyed the run; not so many people, no long lines, plenty of drinks, and yummy breakfast.  

lots of vitwater 🙂


ayoko sanang sumama dito 🙂


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