The Sweet Finish to a New PR :-)

          I didn’t have plans on registering for the Botak Paa-Bilisan Road Race Series since I initially registered for the Race and Shine. My intention was to join any race at a later date so I can really prepare because I wish for a better time than Timex.

          My Security Officer encouraged me to join given that my not so giant friend, Cris will also be running the 10k while he will go for the 15k. I caved in knowing that I will not be paying for my registration fee 🙂 

me and the not so giant, Cris!

          The week leading to the race was hectic. I had so many things to attend too and somebody is always making fun of my running; he even went as far as telling me that running will decrease one’s libido! Duh!!!  

          The good thing about that week was that I was able to attend all of my scheduled speed training despite my busy schedule. The drills are now getting harder but I am getting used to it. I also love the fact that I am now slowly developing good rapport with the other runners under Coach Titus. I like Ultra, I feel so athletic every time I’m there 🙂  

          I looked forward to race day because I will be meeting more SB regulars. Me, Angel, Junar, and the others agreed to meet at the starting line. The Urbanathlon and the Fit and Right will also be held on the same day so I expect that I will be meeting just a few of the peeps after the race.

si junar mukhang fresh, kami mukhang mga sabog hehehe

           I woke up at 0430 on race day…  I was well-rested (yay!) as per registration form, gun start for all race category will be 0600. I decided to go there early so I’ll have time to deposit my stuff then look for my companions.

          I was at BHS at around 0520. I saw friends from the former Unit. I learned that all of them will be running 15k (wow!) I also saw familiar faces from the Army. Hmmmmmm dumadami na pala kami 🙂 

         I met Angel and the gang a few minutes before the gun start. I was the only one running the 10k. Angel, Jix, Ambo, Noel, and Ley is running the 15k. Junar is Ley’s pacer.

the starting line...

          Initially, we were in front of that pack as per Angel’s liking 🙂 Good thing we were able to convince him to transfer in the middle because we might be crushed upon gun start. The 1ok and 15k runners were released at the same time so we were all together at the starting line. 

          The race started 10 minutes early. I was actually frantic because i don’t know the route, but decided that I will just follow those who are wearing orange race bib’s. 

            I didn’t really hear the gun start except for Jix who yelled “una na ako sa inyo!” That guy is mamaw 🙂 Since I am more comfortable doing the negative split, I didn’t pace with the rest of the guys. We just agreed to see each other at the finish line.

           I had a good start; I started to increase my speed before reaching the  stop light at the corner of Mckinley.  It was along Essensa when I saw Tin and decided to pace with her. I was crazy for doing that since I am no match to her pace but I held on until the 5th. I had to slow down going to the 6th because  I suddenly felt a shooting pain on the right upper quadrant of my stomach. It was also about that time when I saw the first water station… I was about to grab a gatorade when the marshall shouted “may lason yan, sa Urbanathlon yan”! Ngek! Where’s the spirit of sharing?!

          I was still strong despite the pain so I just continued running… walking was never an option. I was still far from the turn around when I saw Jix and the other 15k runners (pabalik na sila papunta palang ako hahahaha).

          I don’t know what happened but the pain disappeared a few minutes after I turned right to lawton avenue. It was an steady pace for me after that. It was also along this route where I saw Markhernz, Doct, Mac, and Pojie who participated in the Urbanathlon. 

           It was also near Essensa when I passed some runners that I know. I was getting faster and I thought that if I continued with such pace I might just improve my Timex finish.

          The signs along the way were confusing so I just tried to focus on the runners in front of me. I was just worried that I might miss the sign for the 10k route. I almost did actually; i slowed down to ask the marshall on the stop light before turning right to the direction of the finish line, but she was not answering me. I even asked twice until one girl yelled back and said “oo kumanan ka na”! Foolish marshall, I almost followed the 15k runners!        

           Worried that i wasted precious time in that area, I sprinted as fast as I could to the finish line… and yes I improved my Timex time! My unofficial time was 54:48… 

           It was exhilarating! I was also surprised that my finishers certificate was handed to me at the end of the finisher’s shoot. Nice! No long lines for me there 🙂

           My role after that was handing water and cheering for my friends who ran the 15K.

          Another race… another achievement… 

          Post race:   Me and the guys decided to have breakfast at Mcdo. It was there where we saw Doc Marvs, Que, Julie, Lally, and Joyce. Apart from Doc Marvs whom I met at the Army pool, it was my first meeting with the rest of the gang. It was fun!

           In closing… Nice meeting you guys and congrats Joyce!


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