Banditry at it’s Finest

I wasn’t able to register for the NB Race since I was out of town when the race was supposed to be held; but due to Typhoon Ondoy that wreaked havoc across the Metro, the race was re-scheduled at a later date.

My involvement in this race was another first for me. Since I am a newbie on the blog and running scene, visitors may just get tired reading about my “firsts”. Please put up with me since my primary motivation in creating this page is to chronicle my running – hence the firsts 🙂

I met Ley on November 22, 2009 during the Botak Paabilisan Road Race. He run 15K while I did the 10K where I finished 54:48 (unofficial). I was so “high” during that time so I volunteered to be his pacer for the NB Run because he wants to have a sub60 finish. I guess everybody is already aware that officially, my time during the Botak race is 1:03:29. I really felt bad after learning of the published official time, honestly, I was embarrassed – I was overconfident; I posted my unofficial result on my FB account, told friends, wrote about it on the blog etc… I was disheartened, yes, but it only fueled my desire to do better next time.

I can’t bully anybody in the office to bring me to the race area, so I asked Doc Topher if I can possibly hitch a ride; he agreed so I diligently waited for him in front of Camp Crame lest he changed his mind 🙂 Thank you, DocT!

We arrived early at BHS; that gave me more time to warm up and say hello to more people. I was tense and kept thinking that I may not be able to keep up with the task at hand… I said a little prayer then off I went to the starting shoot with Doc Marvs, Que, and Marga hoping that I will be able to inched my way without being noticed (sorry ka nalang, matalas ang mata ng checker hehehe) I then waited for Ley after the starting line…

We started nicely, I kept up with his pace; Ley is pretty strong. He was determined. I thought it was an easy route until we reached Mckinley… the uphill was a killer. I can’t remember who’s motivating who when we reached that area, but suffice to say that we both negotiated the hill without walking. The gradual elevation at the area of Essensa is another story on our way back. It’s just so hard to negotiate such when you are already spent.

We slowly increased our pace after the stoplight, we both regained our strength and I am pretty sure that Ley will have a sub60 finish. I was the persistent cheerer 500meters to the finish line. I was shouting Ley “bilis konti nalang, malapit na” over and over again until he reached the finish line. Ley finished the race in 57:57!

It was an awesome race… I choked back tears as I gave him a hug at the finish line.

Congrats, Ley! You did it with flying colors…

The race day was very significant. Apart from being a first time bandit, it was also during that Sunday where I met more or less thirty (30) energetic and super friendly members (you are awesome, guys!)

the picture was lifted from the website

the medals!

I was glad Ley gave me the chance to be his Bandit… that day proved to be one of the shining moments of my crazy running life 🙂  Thanks so much, friend! It meant a lot to me…


7 comments on “Banditry at it’s Finest

  1. Finally saw your site. Nice stories ha. Im amazed at this Banditry account…the intensity of what is happening flows along with the words.

    You’re in my blog roll now.

    • thanks coach 🙂 i haven’t been posting lately due to my work load… hopefully I can make some updates after globe. Godbless! Congrats again on your BDM finish.

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