It’s been exactly a week when friends, lots of attitude and will power brought me to KM48. It would have been KM56, but that distance is the farthest that my legs and body can take.

          I never thought that I could go that far since the longest distance that I ever did since I started going gaga over running is 10k. My primary reason for not signing up for Corregidor was that I am not yet ready for a 10miler.

          Honestly, I guess I got carried away when some guys over at SB were talking about it. I don’t know what convinced me to join; I was actually having second thoughts a few days before December 6, I wanted to backed out – nakahiyaan ko nalang 🙂

          So on December 6, 2009, me and some peeps over at negotiated KM0-56 while some of the runners that we know were pounding the streets of Singapore, conquering Corregidor, and running the blues at the Ateneo.  

i felt pretty surrounded by good looking men hihihi

          Coach Titus didn’t stop me from joining the LSD  he just wished me luck when i told him about it and if my memory serves me right, i actually told him that i will just be doing 20K. I just got a dose of “sermon” when he came over for that deep tissue massage hehehe Thanks so much, Coach! Sorry ka nalang nadagdagan crazy students mo.

          I learned so much during that LSD… I will not be dwelling much on the details of the run, the places that we passed, or how crazy I felt as we were running in the wee hours of the morning  while most of the people we saw on the road were either going home from gimmicks or from work.

          One thing that I would like to mention here however is the stench that greeted my nostrils when we passed through several rivers going to our direction which is tagaytay ( rivers nga ba yung mga yun?) I don’t know where to compare the smell, but i really didn’t like it 🙂

          We started in Luneta and from there we ran to the direction of Baclaran… another realization hit me while passing through Roxas Blvd until we reached the vicinity of Heritage Hotel. How lucky I am to have a home and a bed… My heart bled seeing many people from all ages sleeping at the sidewalk. It made me appreciate the things that I have which I usually take for granted. All I wanted during that time was to run, I didn’t realize that it would be an avenue of internalization and self actualization. 

          I am also glad that I went through that experience with the people who made me appreciate running even more. Some of them were the very first friends I made over at SB; the rest I only met during the LSD, but they were just awesome! Thanks peeps! you know who you are 🙂 this may sound cliche but i wouldn’t have done it without all of you. 

ngiting ngiti pa bago pumunta ng luneta 🙂

smiling faces 🙂

di pa naman namin kakulay ang mga Kenyan hehehe

           Another good thing about LSD is you get to appreciate mundane things… The egg and tuna sandwiches of Doct and Junar are the best sandwiches or the banana that Gab brought was sweeter than any banana that I ever tasted. Suddenly you realized that the road you are pounding is better than the last time you were there and that it is now properly lighted, and when you are already physically spent, a drop of water is like a taste of heaven…  

lack of sleep finally took its toll...

          Personally, I was ok the first twenty kilometers or so… i felt strong despite the fact that I wasn’t able to sleep the day before. There were lots of food and stories in every pit-stop, ’twas like a picnic! The succeeding kilometers however is a silent battle within; I started to question why I am there or why am I doing such. I quietly screamed at trees and the numerous electric posts along the road 🙂 I talked to myself and kept thinking about the words of BR – TRY TO GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS – 25k was my limit, the distance I covered was my MAX!

i looked like a construction worker! had to force Doct to take this pic hehehe

           I was so ready to quit when we reached KM37, but Junar convinced me to continue with a promise that we will have more walk breaks. We actually tried the Galloway method of 3:1 but with the sun blazing from the horizon we walked almost 3kms before we decided to jog then walk again.  

          It was I guess somewhere in Silang when somebody gave us a Tiger Gatorade; that was so kind of you, Jerry! Thank you so much! That was such a relief…

           I wanted so much to finish 56Km, but when I reached KM48 and sat that was the end for me; Gab sealed the deal when he told me that “Huwag mo ng pilitin, malayo na ang natakbo mo”. I was so tired and hungry. I am not sure if I am still coherent after that; I was lost in my own thoughts until we reached Tagaytay junction where the rest of the guys were waiting.

          Finally at a little past 12NN, Mark arrived. I don’t know how he felt but I am sure he was relieved to finally reached KM56. Glenn, Gab, Sam, Rod, and Doct followed a little later. Congrats, guys!

lots and lots of pogi points for you!


tired but happy

          I still feel the bodily effects of my 48KM finish… I accumulated 28Kms after that but I still feel a little discomfort in my mid-sole (tama ba yung term?) Will i do it again? Without batting an eyelash (Sowee, Coach hehehe)


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