Basilio! Crispin!

I have always admired Jose Rizal… I actually read NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FILIBUSTERISMO way back in high school. I loved the two books, but I loved Noli more. I admired the image of Maria Clara and abhorred Padre Damaso. I guess I hated the Spaniards after reading the book the same way that I hated the Japanese when I read the GHOST SOLDIERS.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? I don’t know. I guess I just want to. Kidding aside, I think it’s about time we do something memorable to commemorate the day of our National Hero and what’s the best way to do that? Join the Rizal Day Run organized by no less than the Baldrunner,    Mgen Jovie Narcise (Ret).

So what’s with the title of this post? Well, by and by I will tell you that somewhere along the 32km route I acted like Sisa 🙂

Many already know what I do for a living and I guess I never hid the fact that I am no runner… I collapse in every road run and passing my PFTs is such a chore!

Little did I know that exactly fifty (50) days after officially joining The BRs Speed Training at Ultra; I accomplished a feat I myself couldn’t imagine doing… running an official 32km race. Although I faded in the later part of the race, it was still one of my shining moments.

I want to believe that I came to the race prepared… even though I didn’t run four days prior to this event and I traveled to the North to party, I guess I was up to it physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My attire was prepared one whole week before and it sat neatly inside my closet. The only small problem I had was my hair… up until the night before I didn’t know what to do with it.

I slept early and woke up at 4am fully recharged. I planned to go to the Grandstand at 0430 to hand out the race kits of DocT, Carins, Ley, and Lau and to help set-up the PAS. The place was already buzzing with activity when I arrived. After greeting some friends who noticed the hair, the knee-high socks, and the pink ensemble, I led our IT geek to find a good place for the PAS. With that done; I forced Timmy to a warm-up around the oval.

It was still dark when the gun start went off… I didn’t have any trouble since I somehow know the route, but I worried about fellow runners who ran the course the first time. What if they stumble on humps, the big “paso”, or the parking markers? I didn’t worry long though as I heard runners shouting humps and “butas” to warn incoming runners.

I had a strong start; I initially paced with my Tatay Rod and Gab, but both left me when I made chika with my officemates when I past my office. I was actually giving them instructions on where to put my water and my shades and how many people we are expecting for the boodle fight after the race 🙂

I was practically on my own after that… It was at this race that I fully realized that I am indeed a solitary runner. It’s fun to have running buddies but sometimes I am more pressured and feel that I am a “pabigat” especially if I am with strong runners.

My discomfort started on the third round… I was exactly in front of the White house when I suddenly felt an excruciating pain in my nape and shoulders; it was also in that area when I heard Kuya Mar saying “sa wakas, naabutan din” I can’t remember if I gave him an answer since my vision is already getting blurred. I prayed hard to please just let me reached the next water station.  I did reach the water station, but I never regained my strength after that. The water did little to ease my discomfort; the pain in my nape and shoulders worsened, I started hyperventilating, and I had constricting chest pain. I wanted to stop but I was afraid that if I did I won’t be able to finish the race…

The group of Carins, Docmarvs, Earl, Timmy, and Tracy who were doing the Galloway Method passed me at the vicinity of Daza Park. I wanted to join them so I’ll have someone to assist me in case I collapsed, but then I couldn’t keep up. I guess it was also about that time when I started acting like Sisa . I can’t describe what I felt or what I did. I just knew I am already losing it… I prayed for a second wind but it didn’t come.

I was jolted back to my senses though when from behind me I heard a man say “Malapit na Ineng, kaya natin to”. I looked and I saw a man old enough to be my grandfather… Crap! He’s going to overtake me too… Go pick up your attitude, Soldier!

I didn’t know what hit me even after incoherently reaching the finish line… I was glad Timmy was there to hold me and told me not to stop. The Gatorade did wonders too. Thanks again, Timmy!

I only realized I was dehydrated after the race. I tried to justify that I took fluids in every water station and that I even have extra in my office, but DocT said water is not enough… we need electrolytes to replace what we lost during the run. Well taken, DocT! I am really going to get that hydration belt!

I had a good race albeit the dehydration thing. This incident only showed that despite my limitation and frailties, I am still capable of achieving wonderful things.

Appreciation and gratitude goes to my Boss for the Boodle fight; To my family for the gift of friendship; and to Sir BR for that wonderful race. Saludo po ako sa inyo, Sir! Sa uulitin…

Pictures and other knick knacks to follow…

Happy New Year to one and all… Wishing you all the best in 2010.

I almost forgot… finished the race in 3:55:47. Not bad since i aimed to finish in four (4) hours 🙂


19 comments on “Basilio! Crispin!

  1. hahaha i honestly didn’t like my Filipino subjects in high school because of those books. 😛

    great that you were still able to finish (and exceed your target) despite the challenge at the 3rd loop! 🙂 i’m sure you can look forward to more good runs come 2010 in a few hours! 😀 congrats!

  2. congrats kapitana! 🙂 sa susunod, tahakin na natin ang skyway! 🙂 dun pwede magpicture pace! wahahaha pero sayang naman ang condura 42k, pero at least pagbalik (before 6 hours) ay may medal tayo! 🙂

    congrats again and super thanks for hosting the boodle fight 🙂

  3. hi Tere,

    Happy New year !!! 🙂

    more run to come ! u finish it strong hydrate hydrate ok mam ?

    take care poh !

    GOD BLESS !!!


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  5. Bakit 21K ka lang sa Condura? ahehehe

    Boodle Fight we have was I think the most enjoying thing has ever done! We’re glad to be a part of it!
    Thank you Cap!

    Idol na Idol, Idol ko si Cap! Todo na to!

  6. maám cap,
    kc kaw nag bihis luka2. yan 2loy nabuang. so next time, gayahin mo c paula radcliff(yung suot lang ha? wag ung pag takbo). hehe.
    sana mabilis pa kayo.
    btw, congrats di bale nang mamatay wag lang mapahiya. haw haw.
    c U sa BR session.

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