Thank you and I love you, Bubbles!

To say that i have been BUSY is an understatement… It has been this way since the first week of January. I am not kidding when I say that it was really way ABOVE my head. It is at this point in time when I wish that one day is more than twenty-four hours. I am not really complaining; it’s just that I am only human and at some point I also can’t avoid reaching my saturation point. Today is no different, but why am I writing now? I don’t know… The words just came rolling down my head.

At the start of the year, I vowed to do better in my races; I also promised myself that I will regularly write about my training and races. Duh! Look at my page and you will see that it’s not happening. Poor me!

Globe run for home was my very first race… I only did 5k back then and my running attire was a pair that I got from Greenhills. That race got me hooked line and sinker. Seven months after that enchanted race, I already have several races under my belt, gained so many friends, a very enthusiastic student at the BR clinic (?), and became a member of the happiest running group in the whole wide world, THE TAKBO.PH 🙂

Going back to Run for Home… I wasn’t ready for it. I registered early on and got a big discount (Thank you, Team hotlegs!). The discount was a huge relief since registration fees are already making a dent in my already depleted funds.

After Condura, I attended the clinic intermittently. I tried to catch up but physically my body is not up to it. I did participate in all our speed works every time I attend, but while I pant and feels like dying every lap, my classmates would just breeze through it with ease. 

Anxiety was creeping all over me as the race schedule is drawing near. I wanted so much to establish a new PR but with my mileage, I don’t think it’s possible.

I had a very welcome treat when my partner, Tin agreed to run with me. She is also not confident about it due to muscle soreness sustained during the last clinic session, which I again missed… 

I also had issues the night before the race; I don’t have a ride, I forgot to buy the plaster for the blister, I don’t know what shorts to wear… hay!

I was an early bird on race day so I had the chance to look around, visit with friends, and also did a little warm-up. I just had a fit of laughter and can’t get over the attire of one of the guys who led the warm-up exercise. The race started at exactly 5:20am. Tin and I decided to maintain a pace of 6min/km. The crowd was very energetic and I guess I also felt really strong at that point. I wasn’t familiar with the route, so having Tin with me is really a bonus.

I was comfortable with our pace… we were just going through it and from time to time I would ask her if we are still within our goal. I was really all revved up, but somehow lost my balance when I and two other runners almost got hit by a white Pajero at the intersection along Essensa. Whew! I banged its hood and growled at the driver.

Despite that incident, we tried to maintain our pace, slowed down a bit but we are still right on target. It was still very early but I can really feel that it was kinda warm. It’s a good thing that hydration was A+ on this race… it was just the best!

I was really excited to reach Heritage Park, although I am a bit nervous about the gradual uphill going back. I am still strong at that point and is hoping that maybe just maybe I will be able establish a new PR despite my issues. I was just psyching myself that if I am still strong at 10k I might just be able to do that. Well, I guess I did well inside the Heritage, but going out was another story. The heat is now getting on me as we passed the 14th km marker. I am now nearing the end of my comfortable distance; I say this because I slowly faded after the 16th km during the Condura run. I was hoping that it will not happen this time. While I feel that I was fading, Tin is having her second wind… she slowly pulled-away from me after km 16. I stopped at a water station and then I lost her…

Well, I negotiated the fly-over without walking but I am getting slower by the minute. I counted my steps and prayed just so my mind will veer away from the small voice that is telling me to walk. I also met Coach along Kalayaan, just having his routine LSD I guess.

I was hoping that I will be able to gain just a bit of strength when I saw the last 1km sign, but instead of speeding I succumbed to the little voice and walked… I was really tired and all of a sudden I was hungry!

I was also suddenly very conscious and tried to look around for a camera man and all of a sudden thought of the possibility that I might just have been photographed tugging my shorts! Yikes!

Well, it was an effort to really sprint to the finish line. I wish I could shave off precious minutes from the time but I fell short by two minutes to beat my Condura PR…

Better luck next time, Baby! I just hope Iah is not thinking of replacing me for the Laguna relay hehehe

By the way, who’s Bubbles? She is my wave, it was her first ever race and don’t I just love her? My feet felt so comfortable I am forgetting I still have my Glides 🙂


14 comments on “Thank you and I love you, Bubbles!

  1. after you shared what you did to that pajero, i doubt if iah would even think about that…har har…matapang ka pa sa mga bouncers ah…

    it was a tough one and you did well…

    And you can catch up real soon with the drills…Speed endurance this week.

    My blossoms first race also, I still love the adidas supernova though.

  2. I think you still beat you PR considering what a lot of runners have been saying that the 21k Globe course was 600 meters to 1k longer than it should. Hope to see you at Mizuno and give my regards to Bubbles!:-)

  3. AYOS ateng! still strong and fast! hehhehehe….congrats on your run! see yah on the road! still recovering pa ang KOYAH! hehehhehe

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