Monday: Was too stressed… I was hoping very hard that it will be my final presentation… and it was!!! Budget approved after five arduous hearing! That was a very TOUGH one. I have never been so stressed the way I was while working on it until its approval.

Tuesday: Was cramming to review for my final exam and to finish all my requirements for CD 202.

Wednesday: Met group mates at the CD Library to finalize the report and other individual turn-in. Went back to barracks very tired. I was so bent on sleeping only to find my room mates preparing for a trip. I don’t have any plans on leaving Manila for the duration of the Holy Week, but if I am not going to join them, it would mean home alone for the next four days… not a good idea. So after so much debate on where to go, we decided to just head off to Corregidor with a back-up plan to go anywhere if our Corregidor plan will not materialize.

Thursday:         LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN…

            Since we were not able to make a reservation for our trip to the Island of C, the four of us (Moi, Jean, Febs, and Elay) left the barracks at 6am. We were the first ones to arrive only to be left behind due to the laxity of the personnel manning the reservation… Grrrrrr that’s inefficiency at its BEST! After so much discussion, we were told to wait for the last trip at 11am. With three hours to spare before we leave, we just decided to go to Baclaran and say a little prayer at the Redemptorist Church.

Elay, febs, me, and jean at the Suncruise waiting area

            After fifty years, we were told to go to the dock to wait for our ferry only to wait for another ten years! Medyo kumukulot na ang bangs ko… hay!

            This will be my third time to visit the Island, second for Elay, and first for Febs and Jean. We didn’t have any itinerary except for the guided tour; but I specifically asked them to please bring running attire since I am bent on exploring Corregidor by foot.

            We arrived at the Island at around 1330H; after the sumptuous buffet, off we went for the guided tour. So lucky that our tour guide is Armando (funny funny guy!) I am a sucker for history and war movies, so being here is really a treat. I am not just so happy hearing about the Japanese atrocities during world war 2 all over again. Seeing the ruins and learning some trivia about all the facilities in this area made me cringe… too much devastation.



ang mga naghahanap ng Hapon 🙂


            We weren’t able to run in the afternoon because the tour ended later than expected. We enjoyed it and very thankful to the American lady who became our unofficial photographer. She was very nice and kept telling us how photogenic we were 🙂

san si elay?

            Thursday evening was thrilling and a bit scary… we all know the history of the Island so it’s not really surprising if Casper’s clan is all over the place. I can’t see spirits (I am really glad I can’t) but I can somehow feel them. When darkness began to envelop us, I had a nagging feeling that somebody is staring at me or somebody is walking behind me. I didn’t initially told my companions about it but they felt I am becoming uneasy; so I blurted out what I have been feeling; screams ensued after; then we tried to make fun out of it by this conversation:

            Febs: naku ayan na ang mga Hapon!

            Tere: sira! Hindi lang Hapon mga yan, madami!

            Elay: hanapin nalang natin sila para masaya

            Jean: Ay ako hindi man ako takot, Ma’am

            Tere: pa rape ka nalang Febs pag lumitaw sila


            From where we were staying we went around South Beach then back to the Corregidor Inn to swim at the Pool. We briefly stayed at the beach and were planning to set-up a bonfire only to change our plans because of some distractions (lapitan ka ba naman ng mga lalaking malalaki ang tiyan!) yikes! Some folks asked us where we were heading and we always replied with this “Maglalakad-lakad lang po, naghahanap ng Hapon”.

            We called it a night at around 11pm with no Hapon in sight…

            TO BE CONTINUED…


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