We are Mortals: Part I

           I am writing this article at 0530H; it’s rather early, but you see I wanted so much to put all my thoughts in writing last night but seeing my kids and how cute they were on their pajamas – I postponed it and cuddled with them instead. How I missed them! Since they arrived from the province to finally stay with me, I have yet to spend my weekends with them. I could go on and on talking about my boys Lorenz and Micah but at this point let me share with you my Laguna de Bay Ultramarathon experience.

photo lifted from 2timothy, thank you, partner!

           Where it all began…

           I can’t recall the exact date when our anointed President for the Team Baldrunner- Professionals, Iah asked me to be their female runner in the event that we can come up with a team to join the Laguna de Bay Ultramarathon 200km Relay Race on May 1 & 2. Apparently, some of our classmates at the Team Bald Runner Speed Training Clinic are contemplating on creating a team. I said yes without even batting an eyelash 🙂 well, it looks exciting and a lot of fun!

           Without much fanfare we had teams! The first team which later was christened Lake Dashers is compose of Gerry, Randy, Mark, Tin, and Loo while our team the Flash Forward (Hear ye hear ye!) is compose of Iah, Macky, Carlo, Nam, and myself. How we came up with those team names, I don’t know hehehe it sounds good, right?

           Initially, we were told that there will be a best in uniform award. That started a friendly bet with the Lake Dashers. If we can’t beat those runners on the road then let our uniform/singlet shine on race day.  

            Iah literally labored on the design of our uniform and took it upon himself to calendar important dates as follows:

            April 16 – Last day of reg
           April 23 – Pre Marathon briefing
           May 1-2 – Day of race

           Well as you all know, we did register. The problem is we can’t find a common time for our team to practice/run together since we all have commitments and other activities. We also don’t have a concrete plan on how to do the race, we just wanted to have fun and of course to win the best in uniform award; but before we can even send this fab singlet  to the manufacturer the organizer decided to scrapped it and we’ll just be given a singlet. Goodbye, award!

           I wasn’t also able to attend the Pre-Marathon Briefing on April 23 because I had to leave for Pangasinan for a Medical Mission Project with my CD 231 class. Iah represented our team and Tin theirs. My heart was not yet on the race because I was really thinking and dealing on our impending “Lipat-Bahay”, my kids enrolment and transfer to another school, renovations, and all the other blahs; it was only when I got to read Tin’s blog on her recap regarding the briefing that it finally dawned on me that this is indeed serious. Part of it that gave me goose bumps was this:

“The hall was filled with all the strongest runners of this country (quoting from the host).  I know most of them, while some are obviously one just by looking at their built, some are not represented that day but they are in the list. And us – well – tanned and all, we still wouldn’t pass as one”

 Lifted from Tin’s entry on her blog www.2timothy.wordpress

           How’s that for recreational runners? To make it more exciting – there will be a cut-off time. Huwat!!!??? I am now on the verge of collapsing… Dear Lord! 89km for the first day for ten hours and 114km for the second day for 12hours! 

          Pwede pa ba mag back-out?

           Next page please…


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