We are mortals: Part II

         The last time me and my team met prior to D-Day was after our drills on 27 April (Tuesday) where we finalized our plans and other important details that we need to know. It was also about that time when my anxiety was at its peak.

           Initially, let me just tell you that this is my best race as of this date albeit the confusion that we encountered which I will talk about sporadically all throughout this post.

           It will also be in parts considering that I will be telling you stories that we experienced for 48 hours, which is a lot!

Day 1: 01 May 2010

1-20km       –        Tiendesitas to Sucat Bgy Hall
2-17.94km  –        Sucat to SM Sta. Rosa
3-19.26km  –        Sta. Rosa to Dona Jovita Resort, Calamba
4-13km       –        Calamba to LLDA office, Calauan
5-18.86km  –        Calauan to Sta. Cruz

           Our day started at 0415H in front of the TRANSCOM building in Tiendesitas. We decided to meet early so we can still fix our stuff and to at least see the starting line.

          Tiendesitas is already buzzing with activity at around 0500H because most of the participating teams are already there. I am not kidding when I tell you that I was dumbfounded when I saw Eduardo Buenavista. Holy Cow! He’s running! He is part of the Team Airforce-Brooks – are you kidding me?! I thought it was just a figment of my imagination so I blink only to see him again when I opened my eyes – wearing that yellow jersey with all their sponsors written all over it. Sosyal! Then I saw the teams from the Army, Phil Coastguard, PNP… HOMAYGAWD! Then I saw Prince who told me that he’s with the Antipolo Team further telling me that “ Baguhan tong mga kasama ko, Cap” Weeeeeh baguhan my foot! They ended being the Champion and winners of most of the Leg! Addict ka, Prince!!!

Team's Flash Forward and Lake Dashers with Vertek (Photo courtesy of Sir BR)

          This is crazy! What I am doing here? But before I could muster the courage to tell my team mates that I am quitting, I snapped from my negative thoughts and convinced myself that I am not here to compete, I came here to have fun!

           Before the gun start we said our goodbyes to our first runners Macky for our team and Loo for the Lake Dashers so we can proceed to the first transition area in Sucat, Paranaque.

           The organizers in their briefing informed the teams that there will be a water station every 3km; we didn’t see any on our way to Sucat, that didn’t sit well on us because initially, we were told that it’s ok for us to drop hydration and other stuff for our runners in the water stations. Patay! Macky didn’t bring his hydration belt and Iah promised him that we will drop something for him at the water station. Strike 1!

           We met with most of the support when we arrived at the Sucat Brgy Hall and we all have the same observation on the water station. Changes had to be made right there and then. It was just really nice that we formed an alliance with the Lake Dashers because if not we would have a very big problem on transportation.

           After more than an hour since the race started, excitement is now very palpable in the transition area since we are pretty sure that the runners will be arriving very soon. That’s when I saw him again – Vertek stretching! Ahhhhhh I guess I am infatuated hahaha pa picture kaya ulit ako?

           Then he passed, going for a warm-up I think, then all of a sudden ambulance wailing! After a few minutes we learned that Vertek was hit by a motorcycle while doing his warm-up. OMG! He’s the second runner… Usisera that I am I went to Brgy Hall where they brought him; he didn’t incur any bruises except that he told me that he can feel pain and discomfort in his lower back. Yeah, I talked to him. We’re friends! His coach said that they will observe first if he can go on with the race so they fielded another runner for the second leg. The initial news was Vertek is out of the race.

           Alley Quisay of the Team Army “B” (Team Baldrunner) won the first leg (I forgot his time). The supports are now slowly inching their way out of the transition area; we didn’t leave since we have to wait for our runners.

           Our strategy for the first day is for the five of us to finish our individual leg in 2 hours to beat the cut-off. I was so stressed I kept on asking Iah what’s Macky’s PR in 21K. My dialogue that made us laugh so hard when we were trying to amuse our team mates was this: “Iah, he’s here! Oh no, look… Iah, he’s not speeding up, I guess there’s something wrong”

           Haba na ha eh first runner palang natatapos 🙂

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8 comments on “We are mortals: Part II

  1. Hahaha! I wish your readers could hear the panic in your voice or how many times you thought it was Macky coming towards the transition point. “Is that a guy in blue I see??” Hehe. Looking forward to the succeeding posts. 🙂

  2. Iah, you should’ve taken a video of Tere! hehe! 🙂 looking forward to reading the rest of this amazing 2-day adventure! 😉

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