I guess by now many have already written about their experiences during the 34th Milo Marathon. What took me so long then to post my article?  I so wanted a different title… it is what I kept on repeating to myself until KM30 – then it became blurry…

I drank Milo when I was a kid… even if my parents can’t afford it on a regular basis; they tried to at least get us some when the budget permits.

When I started working, Milo is always on my grocery list. I never ran out of it. My kids love it; they actually call it Milo everyday.

Milo is not supposed to be my first marathon… my sights are glued to Condura.  It all changed though when my team started talking about it during the Laguna relay. I wasn’t that convinced at that time for I feel that I am not yet ready to do a 42.195KM. I made a go for it only when I got a clearance from Coach Titus.

I am not a seasoned runner; not even a good one, but once I set my mind into something I always make sure that I prepare for it… I was even more motivated because I trained with my friends. At first all I wanted was to finish it, then I realized why not aim to qualify? The qualifying time were not yet published at that time. So we were all thinking that we can manage a 4:30 – 4:29:59 actually.

I guess it was about two weeks to the race when the qualifying time was published… there is no way I can beat that – 10minutes could translate into an hour when you are already wasted; but then again how will I know if I won’t try?

The final week…

Sunday, June 27 – joined the Lactasyd run with the ladies of Team BR-P. I initially didn’t want to do this for fear that something might happen to me a week prior to Milo.

me and my team during the run... i looked funny!


Most of my officemates are going down with the flu; as fate would have it i woke up with all the signs on tuesday… i felt so bad; I texted Iah who told me to ditch the depletion stage. I called my ultra doctor friend, Doc Topher who prescribed fluimucil and nasathera. This is bad… i kept telling Febs and Jean that this is not the time for me to get sick. I prayed, begged was more like it. I increased my Vit C intake, took lots and lots of water. I have never been serious in taking my supplements, but at that point i wanted to take all of it in one go. After 3 days, i felt better. I took it as a sign that God is giving me the go signal to go on with the race.

Friday was carbo-loading for me and the Team BR-P. We went to Joey Pepperoni for the much needed sustenance. It was a fun-filled night. We all have high hopes; we are pretty sure that a couple of those who are present will make it…

I guess after this I won't eat pasta for the next few weeks!

I was still wobbly and stiff on Saturday; generally, I was optimistic but there’s this little voice telling me that I should reconsider joining the race. I had to block that thought and instead focus on getting the much needed rest. Tin and I will be staying at the condo of her friend along Roxas Blvd so that’s a plus for both of us.

Tin fetch me at around 1600 at Camp Aguinaldo… we are both anxious. We decided to do a recon of the route then had dinner at Shakey’s. I actually didn’t have any concrete strategy; I was more like following Tin’s. I even told her and Iah that as long as she’s near me during the race, that’s enough for me. She will be my guide, my motivation…

I prepared all my gears and other requirements before calling it a night at 2100H…

See you all at the starting line!

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