My Most Memorable Race in Pictures

          P2P: How can I even chronicle what I went through on race day? I am not sure if I can still remember clearly what happened on that day… the only thing vivid is I finished it despite the injury. I never thought of quitting even if I was in so much pain, the only thing that kept me going is the thought that I dedicated that run to a couple who is so dear to me.

          Aside from the fact that it was my first time to be in Ilocos Province, P2P is by far my longest race… and due to the injury that i sustained, it was also the most painful. I can still remember how I wanted to hit the person who told me to just ride a motorcycle since I am still too far from the finish line. How I cried when I saw Pepsi and Maan at Km 65 because I was just so hungry and my left knee is giving up on me. I also wasn’t able to contain my emotions when Craig Logan appeared behind me and asked how I was and when I told him that I am not ok, he stopped and prayed over me. That act of kindness was just too much for me to handle given the situation I am in. 

          Tin and Iah came back for me at Km66… I know they are already spent but Tin walked with me the rest of the way until Doc T caught up with us. At some point I even asked her “Tin, pwedeng hawakan mo nalang ako, pipikit nalang ako habang naglalakad?”

          After more than twelve hours I arrived at the finish line… Allow me to borrow the words of Rob, Jeff Avellanosa’s friend who is one of the photographers during that event: 

                 “The case of one of the female runners of “Team Ultra” is what I could call the most sensational. She came in walking, her face a grim mirror of pain. Obviously, the very long distance had inflicted unbearable pressures on her knees, ankle and feet. When she crossed the finish, she just stood there bent down double. Her teammates aided her to a seat and applied first aid. She screamed as the pain intensifies now that she is not running anymore. They put ice pack on her legs and knees. Her face distorts amidst her groan and subdued scream. She grabbed her friends shirt in the back. I caught that on cam. But I’m sure she’s just as happy in finishing as she was hurt in the process”.

Thank you, Rob!

Let the pictures speak for my major-major race in 2010 🙂

we are about to check-in

they're fine, just tired from the looooooooong travel

          Playing tourist before race day…

          Race Day…

          In pain…

The walk 🙂

          At last…

          So there… It’s better late than never 🙂

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9 comments on “My Most Memorable Race in Pictures

  1. hugs gangs…i am sure it was worth your try and the courage you displayed was awesome. i have seen you’ve gone that far and still enjoying the runs. keep going. hope to see you again here in Cebu.

  2. I failed to be in this one due to circumstances and I am so sorry for that. Maan kept me updated on what was happening, yes I was worried not of you not finishing it, but of the pain you had to endure to cross that finish line. *hugs*

  3. hi tere! i love this post! proves that running is a reflection of a person’s attitude and can even compare it with life.. you dream, struggle—and the end is yours to make, fail or achieve!!

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