Cebu City Marathon: You’re My Number One, Pit Senyor!

               It’s been twenty (20) days since the Cebu City Marathon, but since I am the queen of procrastination, I delayed putting into words the events that transpired during that AWESOME Cebu trip to give way to my endless search for a decent picture… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any – oh I did find one, but I had to enter another bib number; but since I can’t figure out how to buy it online, I let it go.

              I wasn’t supposed to run CCM because I presumed that I will be out of the country the whole of 2011. I also missed out on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu 50Km and the QCIM last year because well-meaning friends advised me against it lest I hurt myself and spoil my pending deployment.

             Most of the Team BR-P has other plans for Jan 9. That left Helen and I signing up for CCM while Maridol will be on vacation mode. I was hesitant to do the marathon because I am not prepared for it. If I am not mistaken, I only had a total of 70Kms in the past two months to include the 32Km Rizal Day Run, which was my year-ender for 2010. I am not also sure if I can get away from work so it took me a while to decide. I can’t remember who finally convinced me, but I finally relented to the pressure with a plan that it will be my first LSD to kick-off my BDM training.

              I am not a first timer in Cebu as my BSN Class, the Lorenz Maries ’97 stayed there for 30days way back in 1996 for our OJT at the Perpetual Succour Hospital. My kids are also half-Cebuano so that makes me a Cebuana by affinity (tama ba?) I therefore looked forward to this trip; it’s been quite a while since the last visit.

January 8, 2011 – Sights and Foods

                I was supposed to leave Manila at around 12:15 but my flight was delayed due to airport traffic (whatever that is). Sharon, one my best buddies, met Helen and I at the airport. It was Helen’s first trip to the Queen City so we decided to do a windshield tour after our late lunch at the Da Vinci, great food at very affordable price!

good food and good company 🙂

            Helen has a list of places to go so we decided to start at the Lapu Lapu Shrine on our way back to the City from the airport. This day was all about sightseeing and food! I am just glad that I will be running a marathon the next day; at least I have all the reason to eat.   

with Lapu Lapu

              We had dinner at the famous Casa Verde in IT Park. The place didn’t disappoint and the “monster” burger was the biggest burger I’ve ever seen!  

monster burger!

                 We met Kenneth shortly after dinner but I have to beg off for coffee because I really want to sleep early and I still have to prepare my gear and other stuff.

                 I finally called it a night at 2200H… Darn!

January 9, 2011 – Race Day

number 1 for the year... 3rd on my list 🙂

               My day started at 0330H. I was at my element, I am not pressured. I was just hoping that my left knee will be fine during the whole 42Km.

I left the hotel at 0400H, all set to run my first marathon for the year… the starting line was already full of life when I arrived. I saw friends from and Team CB.  Up until that moment I was still not sure how to run it. I just told Helen that I will finish it at 5:30; how? I don’t know…

The race started on the dot and the fireworks display was grand! There were so many runners.

I was cruising steadily, careful not to put too much pressure on the left knee. I was having a good time but it was humid. I started to douse myself with water at Km2. I was at Km 6 when a familiar figure passed me by; I said hi and the next thing I knew he decided to pace with me. There goes my plan of an easy pace…

Kenneth was with me until the turn-around… it was fun alright, but it was crazy! I was going too fast. I felt the click on my left knee at Km 15 and I knew that I had to slow down because if I will maintain that pace I am pretty sure that I won’t finish.

Ikaw na talaga ang bida 🙂

               The route was amazing! I loved the tunnel… the band, the cheerers, the never-ending shower, the sponges… it was just awesome!

              We reached the turn-around at 2:09. Wow! I can’t believe it! I had to literally beg Kenneth to just go ahead because I really can’t keep up with the pace anymore. It was nice running with you, dude 😉 I was relegated to the background but that was ok; now I know how it feels to be running with the international celebrity runner 🙂 🙂 🙂

             I was practically on my own after that… it was painfully hot and it’s really taking its toll on me.  I was also able to catch up with Rej of Team Boring on my way back to the SRP. We paced for a while but I also had to hold back. Boy, did I already tell you it was hot?!

             I made it to Km 36 at 4:26:38 by that time I was one lonely runner who ran out of Gerber! I was desperately looking for chocolate and Gatorade. I could just have closed my eyes and did Yasso to get it over with; but my legs were sore and already getting heavier by the minute. I was just comforted by the thought that it will be over in a little while and I can eat all the lechon that I want.

              I finished my first marathon for the year in 5:14:42… It felt good but I was tired.

              I am glad I signed up for this one… I will never trade it for anything. I had fun; I met wonderful people (who will surely take pictures of me next year), and I had another reason to smile and to just enjoy life. Till next year, CCM!

Doc, Miss B, Ken, and Mel

at 1634...

              In lieu of a picture which I really don’t have (bitter!) I attempted to prettify my medal…

my pretty pretty medal

January 10, 2011 

                Day Tour – Bohol


the girls


at the man-made forest in Bilar

River Cruise

                 My heartfelt gratitude to Sharon for being a good host… I will be back, Nang – soon!

                  To Giant and Jewel – I am so sorry for your lost. I am glad to be there with you even for just a little while.

                  To Mel, Doc G, Hazel, Miss B, Ivan, and Brendon – Thank you so much for the fun that we had at 1634. I will definitely see you again!

                   To Kenneth – Thank you…

                   To my dearest Helen and Maridol – To all that has been and to all that will be, Thank you! I love the two of you dearly.

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8 comments on “Cebu City Marathon: You’re My Number One, Pit Senyor!

  1. kakaiba ka talaga gangs…galing galing ng write up ah. i like reading your journals esp this 1 coz i am part of it. glad to met you here in Cebu. hoping to see you here more often. congrats for finishing CCM. buti nalang you had fun maski may konting aberya sa ibang plans.. 😉

  2. …i was mystified, rarified, ecstatic, and divaliciously inspired…it’s terrific..euphoric…that after i read your blog…i want to ruuuuuun!!!!…hahaha…my my what a HIGH!…great…whew..whoa…ORGASMIC!…hahaha…BRAVO!…BRAVO!…

  3. This brings back really good memories of Cebu & Bohol- the sights, the food, the new friends (na parang matagal na nating kilala), and of course the race! It’s good you wrote this after a few weeks so you can better organize your thoughts. I love you, Tere!

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