Going Down Memory Lane: Condura 2010

               Since I wasn’t able to write anything about my Condura experience last year, allow me to somehow go down memory lane and recount some of  the things that I can still remember about it.

             1. It was my very first half-mary and I came in wearing my orange takbo.ph singlet. I was generally orange during the race 🙂

me with THE Hotlegs Julie 🙂

                   2. It was my first time to run on the skyway and it was the first race of my then over-rated lunar glide.


time of the Glides

more Glides

                    * The Glides were relegated to short distances when Bubbles proved to be more effective in long distance races. Both shoes are now with a good friend who was just happy to adopt them when i realized that I have already taken full advantage of their mileage and services.

                   3. When i finished the race, i positioned myself at the finishing shoot waiting for all my friends who did their first marathon. I was their first hug upon reaching the finish line…

with my partner, Tin




                   * I can’t find the other pictures… but that is basically what I did. I guess i also had one with earl, argo, and the others 🙂 

                   That race started my love affair with longer distances. Who would have thought that this year’s Condura Skyway Marathon will be my fourth marathon after signing up for my first 5K during the Globe Run for Home in July 2009.

More Pictures:

Vicky, Doc T, Tere, Junar

Tere and Tin


The family

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011, coming up!

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