Condura Skyway Marathon: Number 2 for 2011

                 This race could very well be my resurgence from oblivion… my revenge from all the negativities and other whatsoever’s of 2010; it will also be a reunion with the other members of Team BR-P whom I haven’t seen for months!

                 Initially, Condura is not on the list of races that I am supposed to do this year; I wasn’t even supposed to do any race this year. So when I decided that I want to do it, the registration was already close. I had to enlist the help of a friend who personally know Sir Patrick Concepcion if I can still get through. Luckily, they opened additional slots – I got in, but I had to pay more than the regular registration fee and my medal and finisher’s T-shirt will be delivered to me two months after the race. 

this came in the mail a week before the race with a hershey's bar 🙂

                  I am pretty sure that I am more prepared for this race than when I did the CCM last month. Deep inside I want to race it and establish a new PR. Unfortunately, I got sick three days into the race. I took meds alright, but it wasn’t enough to pull me through.

                   I went to bed early and made sure that all my gears are ready for the next day. I wasn’t worried about waking up on time since somebody promised to make sure that I’ll be there before the gun start. Well, I had the most efficient alarm clock. Thanks so much!

                  I arrived quite early at BHS. I had ample time to visit with friends. It was a happy occasion! It was so good to see some friends from, the UPLB Mountaineers led by Coach Jan, Team CB, the TFC boys, and of course the Team BR-P! It was a blast; I haven’t seen these guys for ages!

                   I was anxious; apart from the fact that I am not really feeling well, I felt the pain in my knees before I even went to the starting shoot. I usually take my pain reliever somewhere between Km 10 to 15 but at that particular instance I took it before the race. Oh dear! This is not a good sign…

                There were lots of ribbing on our way to the starting line. It actually helped in my growing anxiety. There were so many runners! I was guessing that there might be more than a thousand of us. The race started at exactly 0330H with fireworks and a simple countdown.

                    My friends took off at the sound of the gun… I had to take my time. In as much as I wanted to race it, I had to play safe. I have a marathon to run; the best thing I can do given my current circumstances is to just enjoy and to make sure that I finish.

                    Surprisingly, the route was well-lighted. Generators are positioned in critical places. The hydration tables are strategically located; the problem is I don’t drink 100plus so I had to save the Gatorade in my race belt in the latter part of the race. I had 5 gels, three of which are the Roctanes that Kenneth gave me after the CCM. I also brought some chocolate bites and some Hydrite. I was hoping that these provisions will bring me safely to the finish line.

                   I leave in Laguna so I traverse the Skyway almost every day… I also know that the Sucat Exit is already open since 15 December 2010, so I assumed that it will be part of the route. The foot of the Skyway started at KM 11, I was then running for more than an hour. I was still good although my breathing was a bit labored due to my lingering cough and colds. We were approaching Magallanes Exit when the 21Km runners came into view. There were so many of them! I strained my neck looking for Helen but I didn’t see her. I was happy to see Maridol and Gail cruising steadily.

                  As usual I was on my own until Gab caught up with me at Km18. He paced with me until Km21 where I sprinted to a new PR at 2:13. Thanks so much, Gab! I was still 3Kms away from the turn-around when I saw my friends already coming back. Wow! They were fast… I can already smell PR for most of them.

                   I was having a good time until I felt the dreadful chafe on my armpit at Km 27. It definitely slowed me down. Ang hapdi! I am just so glad that there was a petroleum jelly in the ambulance! I was literally saved by that unassuming lubricant! I saw Rodel at Km30 or more. He was my motivator and timer until we reached the support station of the  

skyway robbery! i miss photovendo...

thanks much team boring!

all smiles approaching the support station of my family

thanks so much, takbo peeps! you are the best!

                      I thought I will be able to break my PR from here… but the Berlin wall came uninvited at KM 38… my split time showed that I was at KM 38.2 at 4:12:37; I arrived at Km40 at 4:31:41… Can you believe that?! Atty Cyrus saw me a few minutes after that. A much needed pacer during the most critical moment. Thanks so much, Cy! It means a lot to me…

                    You think I should have just closed my eyes and run like somebody is running after me? No, I didn’t… I increased the pace alright; but I took walk breaks! I took three in the span of that last 2Kms. Oh well…                   

all of them broke their PRs... Congrats! i missed my PR by 8minutes...

                  Still happy with the results though; no justifications or excuses…

medal number 4! thank you, junrox for the picture

cool isn't it?

                   We had breakfast at Conti’s after the race. It was a classic TFC and BR-P moment. Lots of laughter and the likes. It was doubly special because it was the birthday of Iron Mari.

Happy Birthday, Mari!

                   The dreaded flu virus unleashed it’s powers the next day. Really now, a week before the BDM test run and the Captain is on sick Bay…

                    Goodluck to me!

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4 comments on “Condura Skyway Marathon: Number 2 for 2011

  1. Gangs! Warm hugs and congratulations! Tayo balahibo ko kasi parang feel na feel ko. Super like the attitude and the words u put into this writing. Cool and keep up! Mwah. Advance Happy birthday Major Major Tere!

  2. Good afternoon po!

    On behalf of the UP Industrial Engineering Club, we would like to invite you to LuntiRUN, an event for the benefit of the Isko Cleans UP, a project to implement solid waste management in the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

    It would be held on March 27, 2011 at Filinvest, Alabang.

    You may register online at register online at

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    Thank you po and Godbless!

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