BDM 102 : Define ATTITUDE… Part 1

                 This was my FB status the day after the BDM – how do you summarize 102km 17:24:12 when at this point I can’t even bend my left knee, my newly resurrected big toenails are dead again, and “Ula” is all I see in the mirror? HAPPINESS – VIRGIN NO MORE!!! Good Morning, Friends! Thank you very much for the messages. I feel so loved!

                The four things that made me oh so happy when i reached KM 102. The flowers is totally unexpected from Marga. I promised not to cry, but the bouquet got me. It is only the 4th that I ever received in my 34 years of existence. The crown is from Master Cindy 🙂

                Allow me to brag, people… I earned it. Yes; I am a certified BDM finisher. I repeat… I am a certified BDM finisher!  I got a huge medal, a really nice trophy and a finisher’s T-shirt. This feat will now be included if somebody asks me to say something about myself. It will go this way… “On a personal note, I consider being a mom and finishing the BDM 102Km race my greatest accomplishments”. 

                 My bib number…

                   When I was still a P2Lt undergoing training somewhere in Rizal, I am always reprimanded due to my stubbornness. My classmates will always tell me that I don’t have the attitude since I collapse in every PFT and I really had a hard time coping up with the physical demands of the course. Yes, I was never athletic. I can talk really fast but I really can’t run!

                  I started running in 2007 because of too much personal stress. My life was in shambles and I can’t pay the bills. I found solace in running… it became my own version of stresstab. Globe Run for Home 2009 jump-started my official foray to weekly fun runs at the Bonifacio High Street. Those 5Ks became 10… 21… 42… 50… 70 then came the 102.

                 I never thought I would go this far… the BDM 102 is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Crazy as it may, it became one of my greatest accomplishments. 

                   I seriously considered joining this event as early as first quarter of 2010. I had it all mapped out. A slight diversion was made on the last quarter, but I bounced back early this year to concentrate on my preparation. There were set-backs, but it only strengthened my resolve to include the BDM 102 in my running resume.

                   One week before the BDM, I visited the Ortho to finally have my left knee checked. I was cleared to join but I have to rest. I was put on Celebrex TID for three days.

                  Maridol, my Chief support crew and I met on Thursday to finalize my supplies and some other stuff that needs to be addressed. We were laughing so hard trying to compose her FB status in all the critical KM markers. I asked her to make sure that I am pretty when I reached the finish line; for the first time in my entire running career, I wanted to look good. Unfortunately, my finish line photos says otherwise hahahaha

i brought my house 🙂

some of my supplies... i am having a picnic!

                  After giving a short briefing to my support crew compose of Maridol, my dear friend Jaq and Toto, our driver; we left Camp Aguinaldo at 0900H on Saturday for San Fernando, Pampanga. The plan is to stay at Maridol’s place in Sindalan then proceed to Bataan at around 1800.

                 We met a friend at SM San Fernando and had lunch at a really nice joint thereat. We did last minute shopping for more supplies then it was rest. I wasn’t able to sleep, but I rested and tried to visualize all the things that I will do in a few hours. I don’t have any plans of a podium finish; I really don’t have a chance on that one. All I wanted is to finish within the cut-off time of 18hours. A friend also just asked me not to die hehehe

062015H March 2011

                We are a 30Kms to Mariveles when it started to rain. I got nervous… it will be cold. I am not prepared to run in that kind of weather. I silently prayed for the rain to stop. I received text messages from Iah and Helen just about this time talking about the weather. They are also both wishing me good luck. Thanks, guys! I truly appreciate it. It was also about this time when I remembered to ask Maridol about the reflectorize bib number for the vehicle… she’s more nervous than I am; she forgot to bring it 🙂

062045H March 2011

                We arrived at KM 00 in Mariveles, Bataan. The place is chaotic! I was trying to contain my anxiety and tried to relax. I visited with friends and did what I know best… talk! I talked to just about anybody who wants to talk to me hehehe

062015H March 2011

                After checking in and picture taking we settled to wait for the short program. I will be pacing with my Team BR-P friends Mark and Jerry. Our plan is to maintain a 7 to 7:30 pace. I am glad I have somebody to run with in the dark. It will be a long day ahead so I really need company to see me through the whole stretch of 102. We would have wanted to have Tin with us, but she’s fast and the three of us wouldn’t want to slow her down. We keep on talking about you, sis… there was one time when it was so dark, Jerry said “sana may kasabay si tin ngayon… ang dilim”.

my team BR-P

                          It was 2200H in my watch when the short program started. The prayer was led by Tess Geddes. It was followed by the singing of the national anthems of Japan led by Alfred, USA led by Camilla, and the Philippines led by the RD himself.

                A class picture was taken before we finally went to the starting line…

class picture

062210H March 2011                               One hundred forty-two crazy runners took off from KM OO in Mariveles, Bataan. We were one big happy group! It was a wonderful sight; headlamps blinking, the road looks so cheerful with all those reflectorize blings and apparels of runners.

                     My support crew is already at KM 7 at this point in time. I will see them in a while. In the meantime, I am taking it easy with Jerry and Mark. The first 7KM is rolling so we decided to walk all the hills.

Mark, Jerry and I

i love my team CB singlet!

                  The first 7Km is uneventful… it was cool. The three of us were running with the group of Sir Willy Yao. Bruno Mars is singing in the background as we were negotiating those steep hills.

                   Watch out for Part 2…

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5 comments on “BDM 102 : Define ATTITUDE… Part 1

  1. This is like reading a suspense novel. Only, we all know that this story has a really happy, amazing ending. Congratulations! Please don’t make us wait too long for the part 2.

  2. nakaka bitin… 🙂
    we already know the ending,,, and she lived happily ever after… but the highlights and climax of the story is where we will draw our inspiration from… congratulations, kap! good job!

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