The quest for the buckle starts now

The BDM 160 was conducted last January 28. I decided to join that race at around 4 p.m. of January 27 upon the prodding of Doc Art.

I decided to join to test how far I could go despite my lack of training. So on that same day, I hurriedly left my office, brought my netbook and tried to finish my compliances along the way.

I really don’t know what I was thinking… but there I was running in my jogging pants! I never ran in my jogging pants since I started running in 2009. I was also using a pair of Burlington socks hahahaha but mind you those socks brought me to km 74 without blisters!


Jet tried to dissuade me from joining; enumerating all the reasons why I should not even think about it. Some guy is also telling me that I am crazy. Oh well! I have made up my mind. No turning back now.


It was a steady run from Km 00. No pressure really. I was just having fun. It felt good being around ultra-runners again. The road just felt right… I felt at home.


I really can’t remember many details about that run except that at some point the ambulance stayed behind me and wouldn’t leave me alone even if I pleaded with them to please stay far back as I am not comfortable having them so close. The truth is, I was the last runner and they have a very specific instruction from the RD not to leave the last runner.

That is another first for me. I was never the last runner since 2009…

I have been running for about 7 or 8 hours when I heard from Tin… she was surprised! I laughed so hard when I received Iah’s text. It was so Iah! But you see, they are supportive and even promised to come the next day to see me at the finish line…

I initially told Jet who became my support crew that I am quitting at around Km 60ish but he told me to think about it first… it took me another eight kilometers before I decided to stop.

I didn’t have any other reason why I decided to DNF. It was just too dark and I was scared. I also don’t want to put too much burden on my support crew since Rod is 5 kilometers ahead of me already. They have to come back for me and that made me very uncomfortable.

After running for 12 hours, I stood at Km marker 74, sent a message to the RD that I am quitting and waited for my support crew to pick me up.

No hard feeling just lessons learned. It was also about that time when I decided that I am running the fourth edition of the BDM 102 come March 3-4. That one I will finish come hell or high water.

I will bring this home next year…


Maraming maraming salamat, Team Boring!

By Teresa Posted in Races

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