Where do I begin?

In January of this year, I promised that I am going to write regularly. I was supposed to transform this blog into an online journal and I will be writing just about anything. It was actually an excuse since I really can’t write about my races or running as I have temporarily locked my running shoes somewhere.

Anyhow, it’s April and there’s nothing new in this lowly page. I have all the materials in my head but for whatever reason I never got to the writing part.

Where do I really start from here?

I made a running come back without training in January via the BDM 160… I did not finish that one. I did not feel bad as I really didn’t have plans of doing it.

On a whim, I registered for the BDM 102 and even did it for a cause. It was a DISASTER. This status on my Facebook account says it all:

“When I made the cut-off last year for the 3rd edition of the BDM 102, I promised that I will not do it again. What was I thinking when a month before the event I texted the RD that I am going to register? I. DON’T. KNOW. I ran, jogged, shuffled, walked, PRAYED. Do I regret not making the cut-off? NO. I just realized that TRAINING is the key… No justifications. I may have all the DETERMINATION, ATTITUDE and a heart full of FAITH; if I don’t train, then say GOODBYE to finishing a race within the cut-off and without PAIN 🙂 I will never CHALLENGE ANY RACE AGAIN. Magkikita pa tayo ulit, Bataan…”

My life has been chaotic since I came back from the United States five months ago. I changed my family name, went back to school, reported to a new unit, reconnected with my children…

I plunged into many things the past five months without a concrete plan. I did everything haphazardly… I am not in my best element. I was just trying to get by. I procrastinated to the hilt. There came a time when I thought that my name is slowly becoming synonymous to procrastination.

The Holy Week somehow gave me an excuse to look back and assess what I have been doing since I came back. I carefully jotted down some notes and tried to think hard on how can I bounce back.

Today is April 9.

Will see what will happen next…


2 comments on “Where do I begin?

  1. It is important to take those times to reflect and rebuild yourself! You have come a long way and have accomplished a lot but don’t try to do too much all at once. You are a strong amazing woman – your boys are very lucky to have you! Stay positive my friend!

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