Elcapitana Who?

Hello world and hello Philippines!

How’s that greetings for a newbie? This is my first post and I am quite giddy… Like I am embarking on a sensitive assignment. It took me a while to finally create a page because of the apprehension that I may not be able to write sensibly, but as they always say, how will you know if you won’t try?

I have decided to make this page to specifically write about my running and everything related to it. After actually reading blogs about this topic I was inspired. I am more inspired because of the fact that one of my former superior, the Baldrunner is into it (I actually visit his page everyday since I discovered it three months ago). I still clearly remember his mantra – EXCELLENCE!

Anyway, I am a woman in uniform. Been in this noble profession for a decade. I am a nurse by profession… everyone who learns of this fact says I am crazy to pass the oppurtunity to work abroad and earn more. Well, i LOVE what I do and I love staying here (sound’s corny isn’t it? but its true). That is one of the reasons why I opted to stay despite the promise of green bucks…

On a more personal note… I am thirty-two and loving it. I am a mother of two adorable boys whom I love very much (all mothers do, right?) Running is part of my job but it has always been a task more than an enjoyable experience. It was only this year when I started to do it with sheer pleasure after going through a very emotional battle. Running made a lot of difference… It was during my solitary runs that I get to clear my mind with so many things. It was my own version of stresstab.

I discovered fun runs due to my weekend runs at Bonifacio High Street… I always wanted to join but the registration fees are quite a dent to my budget at that time. My very first fun run was the Globe Run For Home where I registered 5k… It was memorable! I fell in love the first time 🙂

I now have three (3) races under my belt hehehe all 5k but I will be running my first (drum roll please!!!) 10k on Nov 15 (i guess the Piolo fever got to me). My sunday’s are already full this November and I already have the December’s sched (Thanks to the bullrunner, I visit her site too).

I guess that’s all for now… Hope I will be able to give justice to this blog. Bear with me as I am still learning the ropes. 

Till next time!



5 comments on “Elcapitana Who?

  1. Hi Tere, next time let me know if you guys plan to run in here again. I’l prepare long table with water and banana 😀

  2. Hi Tere, it was nice meeting you at the BDM’s Awarding Ceremony. Can i add your blog to my blogroll? See you soon. 🙂

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